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Injured Vance County Rescued Dogs

Great news- Gabrielle and Peter have both been adopted to wonderful homes!  Thanks to all of you that helped these wonderful dogs!

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We got a pleading email from the Vance County Animal Control Officers.  Two horribly injured dogs with wonderful dispositions were in their facility. Could we rescue these dogs?  One, a female long haired German Shepherd about 18 months old, had somehow injured her right rear paw so badly that it had rotted off. She was still trying to walk on her stump, which was infected and bleeding.
The other dog was a 2 year old Newfoundland/Golden mix, his right front leg was very swollen, bleeding and he couldn't put any weight on it.
We cross-posted their plight on the internet.
A sponsor was found, we pulled the dogs and took them to Companion Animal Hospital of Wakefield.
The wonderful staff and vets welcomed these two dogs on December 21st, a busy time of year for them.
The dogs were immediately given pain medications, and their injuries assessed. The female German Shepherd would need amputation. Dr. Metz wanted to get her stable as she was in pitiful shape, underweight and full of infection. The Newfie/golden mix also needed to get his infection under control before his injury could be fully diagnosed. The staff said neither of these dogs ever uttered a peep of protest while they cleaned and debrided, and bandaged their wounds, They were perfect angels despite being in tremendous pain. Thus, they were named after angels, Gabrielle and Peter.  The staff love them.
Since veterinary care would be extensive, we put out a plea for donations to help cover their mounting bill. We have received generous donations for which we are very very grateful. THANK YOU.  There is still a way to go to cover their costs, so please consider donating.
Gabrielle underwent amputation and is now doing fine, feeling so much better.
Peter's x-ray showed an incredible number of pellets, which had to be shot at close range. He had surgery to remove two toes on his paw which were beyond saving, Most of the pellets are still in paw as it would be more damaging to remove them. He too, is doing very well. 
 Both dogs have incredibly good temperments, and are happy, sweet, now healthy dogs.
 Gabrielle and Peter have been through so much. They deserve the great fur-ever homes.
Update: Peter is being adopted to a great home! Gabrielle is still looking for that perfect fur-ever home.

UPDATE: Peter is being adopted to a great home!

Peter's injury
Peter couldn't bear any weight on his paw

UPDATE: Thanks to some wonderful donors, Gabrielle and Peter's vet care and boarding bill is paid in full.  Special thanks to D. Rash (CA) and P. Sack (NY) for their large donations to cover the remaining balance.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Gabrielle and Peter are being treated and cared for at Companion Animal Hospital of Wakefield
11021 Wakefield Commons Drive
Raleigh, NC 27614
Please consider calling or mailing in a donation directly to the animal hospital. Note that it is for Gabrielle and Peter.

Please click here to see more photos of Gabrielle and Peter.


Gabrielle and Peter